Williamsfield Schools 5th Grade 16th out of 713 districts statewide!

Statewide Illinois Science Assessment results have been finalized. Data from our 30-district area can be viewed hereThe biggest shout-out goes to 5th grade. Last spring's 5th grade, our current 6th grader's, ranked 16th statewide out of 713 districts taking the assessment!

Williamsfield Schools 5th grade ranks 16th out of 713 districts statewide!

WOW! AMAZING! In addition, when the 2 years of the assessment are averaged, our 5th grade ranks #1 in the 30 district area. HOORAY 5TH GRADE! 

Middle school and high school scores/rankings mirror PARCC results. Our 2 year averages rank 15th in the area at the 8th grade level and 17th for Biology. With Biology, it's important to keep in mind our kids take Biology as Freshmen. Some schools wait until their kids are older to take Biology. Regardless, kids test the year they take it. 

We are very proud of the work our teachers are doing to transition to the Next Generation Science Standards. We look forward to more and more of our kids earning "proficient" scores on the Illinois Science Assessment each spring. 

Spring Testing

Just a reminder, students will begin annual spring testing Monday morning. Next week students in grades 3-8 will complete ELA/Literacy testing. They will complete math testing the week of April 8th. HS students will complete PSAT and SAT testing the week of April 8th as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to contact Mr. Farquer.

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