Coach Bob Anderson Enters Retirement

After 45 years, and 732 varsity boys basketball wins, Coach Robert P. Anderson has announced his retirement, effective today. The fact that he coached his last several years in a gym bearing his name says it all. Much will be shared on the impact he has had on our school, our community, and the lives of countless young men. But we think sportswriter Joe Morrissey said it best. As guard "Bobby Anderson" entered his senior year for Western Illinois University, Morrisey penned "Don't bet against him. He has a habit of reaching goals." Amen. Coach A began leading the Williamsfield Bombers boys basketball team in 1979. He has led the RW Cougars since the coop began. For 45 years he has taught young men to pour their heart and soul into something greater than themselves. He influenced young men to demand more of themselves than they ever thought possible. He practiced and preached things like preparation and hustle. He had unwavering expectations and demanded you make yourself vulnerable by taking charges and diving on the floor when the ball was loose. At the end of the day, he exemplified the traits it takes to make a difference in the world. He didn't just talk the talk. He walked the walk. And now, after 45 years, as Coach Anderson would say, it's on to the next play. Good luck Coach Anderson! We thank you. We love you. And we wish you the best! GO COUGARS! 

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