RW Homecoming 2021

The ROWVA-Williamsfield Sports Co-op has combined homecomings for this year! This is an exciting change for our athletes and students. We are acknowledging and celebrating athletes from all fall sports. Students will be able to enjoy homecoming week activities and promote a unified experience for both schools.

Homecoming week takes place from Sunday, September 26th to Saturday, October 2nd. Tickets for the Homecoming Dance must be purchased online via GoFan by visiting this link.

Homecoming week events are outlined in the image below.


Earlier today we were notified of 2 Williamsfield students who tested positive for COVID-19. The close contact list included individuals from the following settings.

  1. Individuals carpooling to Saturday's middle school softball scrimmage.
  2. Players sharing one of the dugouts at Saturday's middle school softball game.
  3. Students on the AM school bus within 3 seats in front, back, and to the side of students who tested positive.
  4. Students in the classroom who were within 3 feet, for 15 minutes or more, of the students who tested positive.
  5. Staff who were within 6 feet, for 15 minutes or more, of the students who tested positive.

Families impacted will work with the Knox County Health Department to determine their length of quarantine. We ask everyone to continue being mindful of COVID-19 related symptoms, please stay home if you or a family member is sick, and notify our office should symptoms arise.

If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to let me know.


Tim Farquer, Superintendent
Williamsfield Schools

Back-2-School Announcement

Teachers and staff are working hard to get everything ready for the return to school. We wanted to take a moment to provide some information, some updates, and a bit of a checklist to help your family prepare as well. 

  1. School begins Tuesday.
  2. Ensure your kids are registered and ready to go. Contact Wendy with any questions.
  3. Ensure your child’s health records are up-to-date. A list of School Health Requirements can be viewed here. Contact Nurse Bronny with any questions. If you have questions about why something is required, please contact Mr. Farquer. For considerations regarding COVID-19, please see here
  4. If your child rides the bus, be sure they are ready to wear a proper face covering and communicate that no eating or drinking is allowed. IDPH/ISBE guidelines require face covering to be worn on buses. 
  5. Ensure your child has proper face coverings to wear inside the school building during the school day. IDPH/ISBE guidelines require face coverings to be worn indoors during school. 
  6. If your child does not qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine, and you wish to explore the option of homebound instruction or the creation of a 504 plan so they can attend school remotely, please see the post below or contact Mr. Farquer for more details.
  7. Breakfast and lunch will be available at no cost to all students. If your child would like to purchase additional items beyond the basic meal, please continue depositing money into their myschoolbucks account. Please contact Nancy Brown with any food service related questions.
  8. Be prepared for full remote learning at any time. We all hope this isn’t needed, but with local COVID-19 cases on the rise, we must continue to be prepared for a period of full remote learning at any time.
  9. All students in grades 5-12 should report to the HS Gym to get hard copies of their schedule on the first day of school.
  10. If your child would like a hall locker, please contact Wendy. If your child is in grades 5-12, they may also choose to use a PE Locker, if they plan to change clothes. Families must provide padlocks for both.

If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to let us know. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!


Tim Farquer, Superintendent
Williamsfield Schools

Access to Remote Learning

The Illinois State Board of Education allows districts to offer remote instruction to students if they meet one of the following conditions.

  1. The student is unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine & they are quarantined by the local health department or IDPH.
  2. The student qualifies for home/hospital instruction. 
  3. The student has a medical qualifier within a formal 504 plan.

More information on home/hospital instruction can be found here. A sample form can be found here. Contact Mr. Farquer if you would like more information or if you believe your child qualifies for remote learning.

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