Statement from the Board of Education & Superintendent Tim Farquer

On Saturday, January 13, 2018, the Williamsfield Schools Board of Education held a self-assessment and training session in the Kutkat Conference Room. The session was facilitated by Reatha Owen, Field Services Director, from the Illinois Association of School Boards. During the session, all members of the Board of Education and Superintendent Tim Farquer engaged in open and honest dialogue in an effort to move forward together with the best interest of our students and community at heart. Much progress was made.

As a product of this session, we accept full responsibility for the divisiveness which currently exists. We openly acknowledge internal and community-wide issues in the areas of trust and communication. We accept full responsibility for the changes we must initiate in ourselves, to help our district and community move forward. We have begun the hard work to restore individual trust and respect. We know trust won’t be restored overnight, and are committed to the open and honest dialogue required on the journey. We are committed to working together toward a common voice. As individuals, and as a collective group, we will model the characteristics of The Billtown 9 and represent our community with pride.

For the sake of our kids, and for the betterment of our community, we welcome everyone to join us on this path forward. #weAreBilltown


Williamsfield Schools Board of Education & Superintendent Tim Farquer

WANTED - Feedback to Help us Improve!

Williamsfield Schools seeks quality feedback from parents to help us improve. To help us collect feedback, the Illinois 5Essentials Survey is open thru Friday, December 22nd. WE ENCOURAGE ALL PARENTS TO PARTICIPATE. The Illinois 5Essentials Survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and will provide objective information we can utilize to fuel our improvement efforts. The parent survey is available HERE and can also be accessed by scanning or clicking the QR code below. Williamsfield Schools will be administering similar surveys to all teachers and our students in grades 4-12. Please contact Mr. Farquer at 309.639.2219 with additional questions or concerns. Thank you in advance for your feedback. We look forward to continually working together to improve the services of our school!

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