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Job Opening - Paraprofessional (Teacher Aide)

Williamsfield Schools seeks qualified candidates for a full-time or part-time teacher aide position. The anticipated assignment is morning Preschool &/or afternoon assistance with 5th & 6th grade. The successful candidate will officially begin work Monday, September 25th, or sometime thereafter, if the candidate needs additional time prior to starting. Qualified candidates can send a letter of interest and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information contact Pam at Williamsfield Schools 309.639.2219. The position will remain posted until filled. 

Invest in Kids Act Signed into Law

On Thursday, August 31, Governor Rauner signed senate bill 1947 into law. Public Act 100-0465, the Invest in Kids Act, is a historic victory for kids across the state. The law establishes a long overdue evidence-based model for the distribution of state funds to public schools. The new law is designed to deliver funds based upon need. Experts agree, it is no doubt a much better model.  

Projections indicate Williamsfield Schools will receive about $300 more from the state this fiscal year than we were projected to receive in FY17. Although Williamsfield Schools funding gain is minimal, I am a strong supporter of the equity this model provides. The gap between rich and poor school districts will become less distinct.  

On behalf of Williamsfield Schools, I would like to thank Senator Chuck Weaver and Representative Dan Swanson for their leadership on this issue. Both legislators remained very responsive to district/area concerns throughout the school funding crisis. Every step of the way they conducted the research and sought the perspectives necessary to cast informed votes on behalf of our district/area.

Although I don’t agree with all aspects of the new law, I respect the ideological compromise that was reached. It’s also nice to know the evidence-based formula is fully funded this fiscal year. However, to provide Illinois public schools the stability they deserve, this formula must be FULLY FUNDED EVERY YEAR.

I remain hopeful the state of Illinois will break from its past and depoliticize school funding. I look forward to continual work with Senator Weaver, Representative Swanson, and Governor Rauner's office as they help move Illinois forward in the best interest of kids and schools.


Tim Farquer
Williamsfield Schools


Mr. Binder's Creative Challenge

Photo: Mr. Binder's Creative Challenge!  Encourage students to enter "Mr. Binder's Creative Challenge..." a friendly, whole-school competition to promote school spirit and unity. Here is the challenge: Students (any grade, PK-12), are to "create" a representation (can be a painting, drawing, collage...any artistic interpretation) that adheres to the theme :   WILLIAMSFIELD SCHOOLS:  ONE SCHOOL, ONE HOME, ONE FAMILY.    Entries must be no smaller than 8 x 10.   Entries must be submitted to the Principal's Office by Monday, September 22nd.   This challenge requires students to use creativity (think outside the box!) to represent our school in the best possible light.   Entries will be judged based on creativity, individuality, artistry, and most importantly, representation of theme.  1st Prize Winners will receive: $20 "Billbucks" to the Billtown Café (good for any lunch, ala carte, or concession item) Unveiling/Display in Principal's Office Published in The Weekly Post, Billtown Webpage & Facebook.  2nd Prize Winners will receive:  $10 "Billbucks" to the Billtown Café  (as well as all of the above).  Students will also be recognized at the next assembly.  All entries will be displayed throughout our building for students, staff and families to see.  Don't let age or experience hold you back...everyone is creative. This contest is about the strengths, talents and unique qualities that our school HOME.  So what are you waiting for? Start CREATING! It's time for Principal. Binder's Fourth Annual Creative Challenge! Mr. Binder is looking for creative, talented students to engage in a friendly school-wide challenge to promote school spirit and unity. Our theme this year is: "Billtown Brave: Wholeheartedly Embracing the Billtown 9." Billtown Brave is our mantra for the year. We believe that we grow stronger as a school and community by Trusting one Another and Working Together. Embracing the billtown 9, we are courageously creating a culture where all people are accepted. Together, we can accomplish anything! At Billtown, we are Braver, and Better, TOGETHER.



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