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What factors determine winter school closings?

The following was authored by Tim Farquer, Superintendent, Williamsfield Schools.

Have you ever wondered why school is closed some winter days, but open on others when the weather seems just as bad? I've assembled a document of winter weather considerations in an effort to outline the evidence and decision-making process I use. It can be viewed here. Basically it's a matter of balancing safety with college and career readiness. We want to ensure our students are safe while we help them build the perseverance necessary to succeed in the world of work.

I have friends and family that feel strongly about schools remaining open. Their view is that society has become soft. That we are all raising a bunch of house cats! The Chicago Tribune ran a great piece on that earlier this week. I also have friends and family who keep their kids home when the weather is sketchy. They do so in an effort to ensure their kids remain safe. And hey, if there were a vote in my house, I know at least 3 family members who would vote NO SCHOOL every time! Nonetheless, I do my best to remain objectively focused on the evidence in accordance with the document shared above. 

But why do some schools close on days when others stay open? On Thursday, January 8, we were one of the few schools that didn't close. District 87 in Bloomington also remained open that day. The Pantagraph ran a nice story outlining their explanation here. The rationale they gave was very similar to ours. When it comes to decisions like these, my promise is that I will always remain objective. Even if it means a few negative Facebook comments. For as a district, our responsibility is to ensure the safety of our kids and ensure they are ready for the world of work.

Stay warm. Stay safe. And we will see you all soon.

School Calendar Updates

Our end-of-year calendar has been adjusted to account for recent "snow days." The new calendar for May is included below and our district Google calendar has been edited to reflect the changes. Should additional emergency days be used, we will continue to utilize days marked "XED" on the calendars below in an effort to ensure our kids have the opportunity to make up all cancellations. If you are curious about HS, 8th grade, or PK graduation dates, those will be formally announced after the Board of Education approves the HS graduation date/time during the February BOE meeting to be held at 7:30pm Monday, February 9th. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to give us a call at 309.639.2219. 

* The original calendar post is also included below in an effort to show changes made.


Looking for important dates on the calendar for the upcoming school year? Institute Days, Holiday's, Homecoming...they're all on our Google Calendar. Click the + Google Calendar icon  on the bottom right hand corner of the page to add our calendars to the calendar app of your favorite mobile device. Looking for a printable version? Click the pic below to get a printable version of just the days school is in session.

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