Week 1 in Review

What an amazing week one! It was great to see all the smiling faces back in the building after a very busy summer of preparation. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Class of 2028 - What's more exiting than the first day of Kindergarten?
  2. Reading, Writing, & Math - Whether it was watching our Creative Writing class take advantage of the outdoor courtyard, watching our high school students leverage Khan Academy to build skill, or sneaking a peak as teachers captured "snapshots" of student skill level, it's always great to watch students focused on building core skills. After all, that is the main reason we are all here.
  3. LUNCH - Spinach salad in a jar, fresh apples, homemade pizza and cookies...enough said!
  4. French - It was very exciting to watch students being exposed to a new language. Even our elementary students were able to get in on the action!
  5. STEM - Our elementary students not only get French this year, but they also get to enjoy Mr. Hart's STEM class. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Mr. Hart has designed a hands-on class that left one elementary student saying "I don't know what STEM is, but it sure was fun!"
  6. Business Pathway - With all new desktops and a revitalized spacious classroom, we can't wait to see what Mrs. Wight's students learn and create.
  7. Exciting new Fine Arts opportunities - With Mr. Binder, Ms. Eckhart, and Mr. Bell working together as a team, amazing new opportunities are available for all our kids. Also, be sure to check out the Blue Room and the refurbished Art Room when you get a chance. Those spaces continue to get more and more inspiring every day.
  8. Athletics - Golfers are golfing, volleyballers are preparing for their first match, and junior high softball/baseball teams are well under way. But we have to say, most exciting of all is the number of football players we have walking our Middle and High School halls this year. Good lord willin', we will be booking the first Williamsfield fan bus to a football playoff game later this fall! And not to be outdone, Mrs. Powell has a great group of Grade School boys and girls preparing for their fall soccer season. The number of kids we have involved in activities this fall is truly amazing!

Take a look at the pics below to check out some of the week 1 action for yourself.









Real Learning for Real Life

Did you see the work of Williamsfield Schools highlighted by the Real Learning for Real Life Coalition? Click the pic to check out the story.

STEM Team Presents in Chicago

Check out the pics from the STEM team presentation in Chicago. Their work was featured on WGN and in a variety of publications throughout the state. Great job everyone!

Ava's Hydroponics System Highlighted in Weekly Post

Did you see Ava's work highlighted in the Weekly Post?  Our favorite quote..."It has brightened my days, increased my love for the field and helped me decide my college major." Students and summer staff will soon turn the bumper crop into frozen diced tomatoes for use in sauces next fall. We couldn't be more proud!

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